Monday 20 July 2020


This is not a guide book to Venice.  It is a guide book to a guide book, a translation of Lorenzetti’s Venice and its Lagoons into a cityscape which the reader is invited to explore, as Lorenzetti’s book invites the tourist to explore Venice.  It is also a partial record of my own encounters there.

In the same way that Lorenzetti’s book can be read and enjoyed without knowing Venice, so I hope that it will be possible to read this book without knowing Lorenzetti.  But the experience of Venice inevitably illuminates and vivifies Lorenzetti immeasurably more than the book, great as it is, does the city.  Similarly, direct acquaintance with Lorenzetti may help the reader to follow my paths through his work.

The epigraphs to each chapter and the quotations are taken from John Guthrie’s English version of Venice and its Lagoons published by Edizioni Lint Trieste.  I have translated the excerpts from Goldoni’s memoirs and plays.  The bare facts of this work are derived from countless books and, above all, from Lorenzetti.  The errors are my own.

I wish to thank here all my family and friends who directly or indirectly have made this work possible, and with whom I have spent such memorable times.

Glyn Moody

Walks with Lorenzetti

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